Light chemo?

Posted by kiki92 @kiki92, Sep 4, 2022

My surgeon (surgical oncologist) told me that, with my pathology results, I'm eligible for lighter chemo. Is this possible? My cancer is her2 +, node negative, <2 cm. But 3 oncologists have only talked about either taxol or taxotere prior to Herceptin and Perjeta.

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Welcome @kiki92. I can imagine that statement would be confusing. What is lighter chemo?

Usually it is the medical oncologists who will determine the chemo treatment protocol. Did the surgical oncologist explain what was meant by a lighter chemo? When is your next consult with the oncologist to finalize next steps?


In another type of breast cancer, there was a study where chemo didn't make a difference in the very early stages. There were more details, but I think he might have been thinking of that other type, not mine. I have wracked my brain over this, not wanting to go to yet another oncologist. All the signs point to the standard chemo being needed for me. I'll keep overthinking until probably the last day before it starts.

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