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Lidocane intravenous treatment- periferal neuropathy

Posted by @kathypelkey in Brain & Nervous System, Jan 11, 2012

I would like to correspond with others who have periferal neuropathy- my dr. In Albany, ny now wants to try intravenous-lidocaine treatment. The cause of my per. Neu. Is unknown, had a spinal tap which they say ruled out Lyme disease bacteria. I had Lyme disease 2 x,s. any support...thanks!!

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Posted by @angep, Jan 25, 2012

I too have a periferal neurophy problem for some 12 years. My problem is not diabetes related, however, it could be nerve damage from caustic burns, toxins or other injuries. I would like to discuss any potential that would assist in calming my burning feet...Any suggestions?


Posted by @kathypelkey, Jan 25, 2012

I have much empathy for you. The burning is so cronic and painful. My feet burn all night and day, as well now as my entire legs and into my arms, shoulders and back. I am a strong person, I take medication in the morning as soon as I get up, then go and lay down till it takes effect. I take glucosamine, Vit. E, fish oil, B 12 , grapeseed oil, and a few more things. I now eat lots of natural yogurt, nonfat and my stomach feels fine. When you take pills, sometimes you get intestinal problems. I find the yogurt helps prevent that. Regarding my feet when I am up, I looked everywhere for comfy shoes with out much luck. I am going to see if my foot dr. Could prescribe therapeutic shoes. Believe it or not, Walmart sells dr. Sholes and they are my chosen shoe line. They are inexpensive and last for the average length of shoes. When I walk on hard floors my feet hurt more.

What are you doing to help your pain. I also do not suffer from diabetes the dr, believes its an inherited condition. I have no family history as I was an orphan so who knows.

I hope you do better with your pain. I am on tramadol in the am. This does help.
Good luck. Kathy


Posted by @angep, Jan 25, 2012

Sounds like we are in the same boat except for state lines. I have several other medical problems including a shoulder fracture that three operations have not corrected, numerous old rib fractures and ten year history of three left hip replacements. Needless to say my pains are chronic and strong medication is necessary to get by. I have tried hydrocodone, however, I find that tylonol 4 seems to help more than some of the stronger medications. I will continue to watch the forum for any and all assistance anyone may have to offer.


Posted by @kathypelkey, Jan 25, 2012

I am a very active, outdoor person of 60 . I have hiked,biked,kayaked,canoed nd fished all my life. I take my rv. And go whenever I can. I am so glad I have the love of the outdoors to motivate me to get better. Last summer I really suffered and was limited in my outdoor escapes. We in the vt. Area had the storm, and father that couldn't get to where I go to camp. Hope the campgrounds nd roadways are repaired for spring. Hope you have. Leisure passion to help you keep the will to fight these ailments. Our minds cn get us better I believe. Not perfect but better. Good luck.


Posted by @menville, Apr 3, 2012

I haven't heard of that therapy but have been trying for years to stifle the neuropathic pain. There is a new spinal procedure that stimulates the nerves properly with the ability to test the device before it's inserted. It was experimental a few years back but I am going to try it out. I'll let you know if it works. Also, have you tried Vimpat? I was allergic but my Mayo Neurologist has had a lot of success with his peripheral neuropathy patients.


Posted by @callers, Sep 29, 2012

Neurontin has been an amaz
Ing help to me


Posted by @dsw, Jul 1, 2013

I was diagnosed with Neuropathy about 6 years ago, after a battery of testing and to many doctors to mention. I have been on Gabapentin (Neurontin) all these years and it seems as if it has taken its toll. The side effects are wearing me down along with the chronic pain. So I am tiring the intravenous lidocaine next week. Also added Cymbalta to my daily routine along with high doses of b12-folic aid-R-Alpha Acid supplements. Ice packs and cold water soaks have really been the only thing that helped relieve pain temporarily. I hope to gain some insight from these discussions. Don’t know about anyone else but the hardest thing for me has been the lack of support from family and other people that don’t understand this disorder.

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