Level 100: Weird joint pain

Posted by antescanada @antescanada, Oct 20, 2020

Hi guys. I am clueless and my doctors dont have enough knowledge. I have weird issue with joints in my body. I am 38 old male normal bmi, athletic, living mostly healty and smoker ….

The problem I have goes back to last 7-8 years. I will get very strong joint pain in random part of body. It could be wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, finger, foot. It will happen in one spot and it feels very painful. No redness, no inflamation nothing that would point that something is happening there. Pain will start slowly and after taking some painkillers it would disappear after 2-3 days completely like nothing happened. And then after couple of weeks sometimes month it would come back to completely different join and same thing again…. doctor did try to take my blood sample during that but nothing showed on result. Recently moved to Canada and theese doctors are even worse , prescribe you painkillers and thats it. They really dont care here about patients, its like money rush… well anyone have something similar or suggestions I would appreciate it very much.

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Hello @antescanada and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I completely understand your concern as we went through something similar with my young daughter just over a year ago. Her pain started in her hip joint while at school and got so bad so quickly that she couldn’t walk at all and was in level 10 pain so went to the Emergency Department at Mayo Clinic to start. Over the course of that week, her pain continued to move to other joints. She had several blood tests, all showing no concern, but did show some inflammation internally in her hip. Ultimately with her symptoms and labs, the final diagnosis was Transient Synovitis. Since the pain went away after a nearly two weeks, she has not had a reoccurrence. Transient Synovitis occurs in children, however, Synovitis applies to all ages. I’ve included a link to more information to see if this is something that aligns with your symptoms: https://www.hss.edu/condition-list_synovitis.asp

Does the joint pain come and go or is it a consistent issue?


Hi Amanda, I appreciate your effort for reply. I looked into Transient Synovitis symptoms, explanation, and no , it is not that :(. It happens mostly with kids 3-10 years old and it will usually affect hip area also it takes 1-2 week to heal. With me it takes 2 days to heal by itself and it happens in any of joints (single not pair) / ligament area connection with joint… hopefully someone will come up with similar issue, fingers crossed


The symptoms you describe, pain without apparent redness or inflammation, sound like a condition known as arthralgia, which can have many causes. Does this describe what you are experiencing? https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320136#outlook If so, your self-treatment is what docs would recommend, and further diagnosis might need to wait until it is more persistent.


Hello, sounds like psoriatic arthritis to me. Hope you get it diagnosed. Have you seen a Rheumatologist? That is the specialist for your symptoms.
All the best and warmest wishes and prayers for relief, Sunnyflower


@antescanada You could have muscle and fascia tightness that is restricting normal body alignment. Since you are athletic, you may be getting tightly bound muscles. I know from my own experience that if there is a change in the pelvic alignment, the inside of my knee hurts because it changes knee alignment. I stretch and do myofascial release (MFR) with a physical therapist and when the tight tissue is released the pain stops. The pain does show up in different places depending on what is still tight. Here is a link to our discussion with some information. If this helps you, stretching is a simple fix.

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