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Posted by @iluv2cook in Cancer, Jul 26, 2012

Ok. I need some legit advice. These are my symptoms:
stiff joints
joint pain/bone pain
occasional nasea no vomit
The mayo symptom check said leukemia, lupus, bone cancer. What should I do? Last time I had a physical my doc said growing pains( i'm a teen) but i'm not convinced what should I do?!?!?! Any comments would help thanks.

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Posted by @jko1814, Jul 27, 2012

demand that your Dr. run bloodwork to see if your white count is normal.....I was diagnosed with leukemia (CML) a yr. ago & had all your symptoms...........get it checked out immediately! Leukemia can be detected through bloodwork & then a bone marrow biopsy........the first testing is done through bloodwork and they will have results almost immediately


Posted by @pluggingalong, Aug 3, 2012

I agree any good doc would do the bloodwork to take care of your fears. I the doc you are seeing won't do it find one that will. Good Luck and take care

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Posted by @qwertylalala, Aug 20, 2012

Hey I have prety much the same symptoms but no bleeding what should I do? The search on mayo clinic said growing pains arthritis or leukemia.
God bless you I don't wanna be diagnose either with leukemia.

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Posted by @paterson4646, Dec 7, 2012

You need to the blood CBC like me i found out that i have leukemia

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