Leg Cramping at night

Posted by osteo60 @osteo60, Sep 20 2:09pm

Hello, fellow "joint issue" folks. First question from me, however, the amount of good "patient to patient" discussion and comparisons have been so incredibly helpful! With early onset OA taking both my hips, shoulders and spine, I am a researcher by necessity. My question is regarding THR. Rt – 2015 Lt – 2018….Now, in 2022, leg cramps at night are ridiculous! I've read a few others saying the same. Anyone know anything about treating this? I've always worried about the long term integrity of any inplant. Any input greatly appreciated.

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@osteo60 I have been there! I'm a lot smarter than I was in 2005, 2006…
My hip implants failed after 5 years because they were defective (no longer on the market) but I had been in pain for a couple of years and my surgeon wasn't listening.

After revision with a new surgeon, I know I should have been a lot more assertive about finding the cause of the pain I complained about from 1 year post surgery. Instead I believed the "expert."

When, after the second round of surgeries, I was in pain the new doc double-checked the hips – they were fine. So he sent me to rehab – where they discovered the sources of my ongoing pain were bad gait, leg length difference, and worn shoes. When we fixed those, my cramps gradually went away.

Have your hips recently been checked to be sure there are no issues with the implants? Have you explored the other possibilities I mentioned?


I've never heard of implants causing leg cramps. I got leg cramps at night before two TKRs and still occasionally get them.

Here's a good article. Nothing spectacular but it's from the Cleveland Clinic, right on par with Mayo. all the best. Joe
(FWIW, if you get cramps in your hamstring – First, aim your toes at your head and straighten the leg. Then I dig my thumb into the hardest part of the muscle, that's where the cramping is found. Just press and it should release. They do come back quickly so don't be surprised. I hope you feel better. These cramps can be extremely painful.)

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