NETS tumor in left adrenal gland: Any advice? Hope?

Posted by ceavce @ceavce, Jul 21, 2022

My wife was found to have a tumor in the left adrenal gland and it has complicated her liver and is swelling, what do you advise me to do? The doctors here in Peru, Lima, do not give him hope.

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Hello @ceavce and welcome to Connect. I appreciate you reaching out on behalf of your wife and seeking information. As you posted in the Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) discussion group, is your wife's tumor considered a NET?

I am sorry to hear that the doctors in your country cannot provide hope, that has to be very discouraging. Have you considered seeking a second opinion in the United States? If so, Mayo Clinic does see international patients. If you are interested in seeking another opinion, here is information on how to obtain an appointment,

I look forward to any other comments or questions you may have. Will you post more about your wife's situation?


@ceavce, how are you and your wife doing?

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