Leaky Gut and Histamine Intolerance

Posted by wbharvil @wbharvil, Sep 15 6:29pm

Hello. About 10 months ago I started having reactions to foods. All over tingling, tinnitus, aches, pains, prickly skin, dizziness and more. A Functional Doctor diagnosed me with leaky gut. I’ve tried healing with diet and supplements but it’s progressing badly as time goes on. I’ve spent thousands of doctors trying to get healed. The things that are supposed to be healing, I have a horrible reaction to. Like collagen, bone broth, garlic, and probiotics foods like sauerkraut. I also have Barrett’s esophagus, MTHFR homozygous C667T, POTS, and menopause. And I have a frozen shoulder. I am 8 months off of benzodiazepines, two months off of gabapentin given to help stop benzodiazepine. I was given hydrocodone for my shoulder but only took it a few days. I’ve never abused pills. Anyway, I applied to get help at Mayo because I’m getting sicker by the day. I’ve done tons of stool tests, bloodwork, endoscopy and colonoscopy but nothing shows up. I’m tired and discouraged. My body is inflamed terribly and I can’t get it under control. God I hope they accept my application.

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My gut seemed to have trouble absorbing even my Synthroid medication until I started avoiding gluten all together. I figure I have some sensitivity to gluten. I also purchased a gG food intolerance test while it was on sale. Doctors don't seem to take stock in anything that is not classic IgE testing however. Of the hundred foods it tested me for it found I had a high reactivity to three foods. Sesame seed was the only one I had been consuming so I discontinued them. The company said reactions can change over time and they recommend periodically retesting, but I'm inclined to change companies in order to test other foods.

I found some responses to a recent post on 9/8/22 in the Digestive Health Group called "Very high B12 + folate levels while vegetarian not taking supplements" by EllAmster very interesting. If you haven't already seen it lisag03 talks about her experience with MTHFR mutation. Given that you have been to Functional Medicine doctor(s) your vitamin B12 level must have been tested. It sounds from reading the replies to that posting like if you have a MTHFR mutation then there is no guarantee that normal B12 lab level results in this vitamin being absorbed properly, (although mainstream medicine may beg to differ). Good luck on your quest.

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