Lanreotide and Refrigeration

Posted by ricki8 @ricki8, Oct 4 9:30am

Has anyone left their Lanreotide out of the fridge overnight? What to do in case of an appliance breakdown.

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On Thurs. Oct. 5 my fridge had slid open (probably about 6 pm) I didn't notice it until 6 am on Fri. I freaked out as I was told that it must stay refrigerated. The nurse who comes to my home to inject said 24 hrs. out is o.k. ??? I took a chance and had the injection the following day. I am still experiencing the same crazy 3 day symptoms after taking the Lanreotide and was thrilled when my diarrhea showed up (crazy, eh?), so I am going to say that I believe it's o.k. to be out a bit.


Hi Ricki

To my knowledge it is not a problem as long as the temp is below 40degC and for not longer than 24 hours. I travel often (journeys of 15h at times) and have had several injections that have not been consistently in the fridge.

Hope this helps



Hi Peter
Thanks for your experience. When I was sent home (15 min. drive with it packed in ice) and warned to keep it at a consistent temp., I naturally jumped to attention. At $15,000. a shot, and possibly having to wait sometime before I could get another (this was the last of the pack of 3), I panicked.

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