Kneeling with artificial knee

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, Dec 7, 2018

I have touched on this in other messages, but not in a focused manner. As an avid gardener, kneeling is essential for me. Almost 3 months after TKR, things are generally going very well. I have forced myself to get used to the weird, “ball bearing/metal” feeling in the knee by not avoiding, but embracing times when it can be pushed/bumped against surfaces (soft, like side of mattress while making bed, hard, as in kitchen cabinet doors while cooking), and I sense a semi-acceptance of the odd sensation. I know many/most people simply don’t do it or can’t do it... I’m looking for those who are as stubborn as I am and want to find out how you managed to ultimately feel normal-ish.

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When I fall or practice getting up I use my front porch, I scoot to my porch and put my legs under me and stand up or use my steps to get my legs under. I don’t know what my neighbors might think! Lol

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Probably the same thing my neighbors thought when they saw me high step marching around the yard as part of PT! They probably think I'm weird anyway.


I do little dance exercises on my porch, I figure what ever it takes to strengthen my knee!! Lol

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