Kneecap Replacement Surgery

Posted by madsjo1979 @madsjo1979, Sep 21 9:04am

Hi all,

I've just undergone my second of 2 knee surgeries of which this was the bigger. It was the kneecap replacement of my right kneecap, on 13 September 2022.

I spent a total of 5 days in the hospital receiving physio, to help strengthen my knee as well as my quads muscles, to facilitate my discharge from the hospital this past Sunday, 18 September 2022.

My knee seems to be doing well. My question however, is how long will it take for the midline incision on my right thigh to heal?

I've followed all my knee surgeon's instructions to a tee with taking my medications and icing my knee when it's not feeling great (swelling and pain), and most of all resting.

Regards Madeleine

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I had my right kneecap shaved and had a metal kneecap attached to it. The healing from that takes awhile as the bone grows into the metal (metal has microscopic holes for this purpose. I found the wound healing to be similar to the first surgery (knee joint replacement.)
Don’t be afraid to continue exercise as it will help in continuing muscle healing and strengthening. It should also help with inhibiting scar tissue growth. I wish you the best with your healing.


I didn't have kneecap replacement, but open reduction and fixation of a shattered kneecap. It took about 6 weeks for the skin to fully heal to the point of no remaining peeling skin. I used a super emollient, homemade lotion (organic shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax) thereafter and my scar healed to near invisibility. Rubbing lotion in frequently may have helped with mobilization of the skin over the underlying tissue


Adding to my prior comment, it's really important to nourish yourself well as you heal. Good luck!

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