Knee replacement with Ehlers Danlos

Posted by mochapup @mochapup, May 9, 2023

Hi-I have hEDS as well as bone-on-bone
kneecap osteoarthritis that causes me pain walking, especially hills and stairs. The two surgeons I have seen advise avoiding surgery until “it’s unbearable “
because my joint instability could
cause post-op dislocations and because of my youngish age (51). Have had injections and am doing PT but want to
find out about surgeons who specialize in hypermobile patients. Also, what other resources do you recommend?

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I have had two knee replacements. Both were wonderful for the first 10 years or so. Have begun having problems with one of the knees due to joint laxity -- the ligaments surrounding the knee are not doing their job. I am still so very thankful that I had my replacements. I underwent 6 or so treatment cycles on each knee with Sinvisc or Supartz (spelling?) before having the replacements. Would do it again in a heartbeat.


I agree. Have had both knees and hips done in my late 50's. Am having trouble with joint laxity in left knee with 13 year old replacement. Currently wearing an ACL style brace until I can have the revision. So thankful to have had the surgery when I did and the good use I got out of both knees. Hoping this new knee (getting in Jan) will last another 13 years!

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