Knee replacement revision

Posted by sgp1949 @sgp1949, Nov 20, 2018

I am looking at a third knee replacement on the same knee in six years. This time is due to aggressive scar tissue. My doctor has used physical therapy which sent me back to the doctor last year. This year he has used braces that crank to try to break up the scar tissue. He won’t do a manipulation this time around. My range of motion has gone from 118 to the present 70 degrees. I am afraid if I don’t have the surgery it will continue to get worse but am really dreading it. Not sure about getting a second opinion since mine is one of the best in the area. Anyone else had troubles or any advise?

Hi @memeblair – Welcome to Connect! Glad you found this forum. I've had 2 TKR's and did not experience that noise although my orthopedic surgeon told me it was one of the three biggest complaints he usually got from patients regarding their knee replacements. I have heard other people on this forum speak of it. Here are a couple of threads that might interest you:
Meantime, have you had your 12 month re-check appointment yet? If so, I'm wondering what you OS says? Also, other than the noise, are you feeling comfortable with your TKR?

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