Knee replacement incision

Posted by angelacol @angelacol, Nov 21, 2021

I was told to keep my incision bandaged up for approx 1 week, does anyone know if it’s ok to take the bandage off for a few hours to let it breath, I’m on day 4 post op

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Angel, healing an incision properly is very important especially one that will be bending. Please check with your surgery team if you can remove the bandage early. The wound may be oozing a bit, and you do want to prevent infection, so keeping it clean and covered is probably a good idea. Healing from surgery takes patience. You are at the beginning of that journey. I recently had surgery too on my ankle, and the stitches pulled and hurt. It was hard to wait 3 weeks until the stitches could be removed, and I also had steri strips in place that I had to leave alone. Those hold the incision together. The places where the steri strips had fallen off, the scar is wider because it wasn't held as close together while it healed. The place where the steri strips held for about 4 weeks is narrower. You have a lot to look forward to with rehab, so keep focused on that goal. You'll get there, but it will be baby steps.


I highly recommend you follow your instructions the nurse in the hospital gave you. I was given 2 bandages to take home to replace only if evidence of a weeping incision occured. It is imperitive that the wound has ample time to fully close before you expose it to germs. I did my 1st change on the 2nd week and again on the 3rd week . Showered with a plastic bag over the knee to keep it dry which is essential


My dressing was removed after the 4th day home by the Physical therapist. I think you should follow your doctors discharge directions. If it gets wet or has drainage.I would call the number on your discharge sheets.
Best luck, my knee works great, best thing ever!

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