Knee Replacement

Posted by mcmccabe9 @mcmccabe9, Dec 7, 2018

Received left knee replacement yesterday age 60 after playing 43 years of soccer. I am an ER nurse and have been walking around with a peg leg for the last 6 months during my shifts. The quality of care is fantastic! My pain is being totally managed. The nurses, techs are A+ and that is my opinion from a healthcare provider. Today I am going to ambulate, so we will see what the future brings.

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@mcmccabe9 – Oh wow! First, welcome to connect. Great bunch of people here and I'm sure that with your background you'll find lots of interesting and inspiring stories. Second, Congratulations on your TKR! I had one in April 2017 and I'm doing my left knee next month. Sounds as if your recovery is going well. Do they have a goal for you when you walk today? If I'm not mistaken, they wanted me to be able to walk 50 steps before I got to go home – oh, and also climb stairs since we have stairs leading to our front door. Wishing you lots of luck and a pain-free day today!


In which place you have your surgury


Hi @faithi – Welcome to Connect! We have a great group of people here with a world of experience and big hearts for sharing. I had my 2017 surgery at Mayo Jacksonville and will have my January surgery there too – with Dr. Ortiguera. I just can't recommend Mayo Jax and Dr. Ortiguera highly enough. Everybody on the team was totally professional and caring… Are you needing knee replacement surgery?

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