Knee pain after total anterior hip replacememt

Posted by shakira13 @shakira13, Oct 22, 2023

Hi. I am 7 weeks out from total right hip replacement. My knee is preventing me from doing some of the PT exercises. I still walk with a cane. Want to find out others experiences. Thank you

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@shakira13 Welcome to Mayo Connect, where patients and caregivers share their experiences and help one another along the way.

Just by way of introduction, in the past 17 years I had two hip replacements followed by 3 revision surgeries (details why not important here.) Every single experience was different from the others. With some there was knee pain, or thigh pain, or back pain, even shoulder and foot pain!

Which knee - surgical leg, or the left? Have you discussed this with the doctor? Did you have knee pain prior to the surgery, or is this new since surgery? If so was you knee evaluated to see what is wrong? I ask because I would have different suggestions depending upon your answers.

And I will caution you not to think there is "something wrong" with you because you are not bouncing back from the surgery. I assume you were told something along the lines of 4-6 weeks for recovery. I wish surgeons would stop saying that - that's how long it takes the incision to heal, and our body to recover from the blood loss and anesthetics. The actual healing takes anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the person.

Are you seeing a little day to day improvement?


Sue. Thank you for your response. I am seeing some improvement week to week. It's just slower than I hoped. I had a little knee pain prior to surgery but I attribute that to walking uneven because of my hip issue. I will try and be patient with myself. I am doing the PT exercises twice a day and walking in a pool twice a week. My operated leg just feels weak.

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