Knee Joint Injections

Posted by 19911991 @19911991, Mar 1, 2018

I had a Medialization of the patella 9 days ago as I had my left knee dislocated several times. (actually both of my knees as I have knee dysplasia). My doctor says that I have to do the knee joint injection 3 weeks after the surgery-
HYALGAN injection (is a solution that contains a natural substance called hyaluronate). I was told by other specialist that i do not need these type of injections in my age. I am 25 . Can someone help me with this? I am a bit confused

@19911991 I had these injections because I am allergic to steroids. I am 66. They did not help me. My right knee was seriously injured when I was 20 and also a broken femur at this time. I have been diagnosed with OA and DDD. Rare that doctors agree. I can say the injections caused no reaction.


I had one of these injections in my knee last year for osteoarthritis. It didn't help and I ended up having a partial knee replacement a couple months later.

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