knee cap replacement trouble

Posted by jazzi @jazzi, Jan 21, 2020

It sounds like with a TKR the kneecap gets replaced too? What if you are having trouble with a replaced kneecap only and it looks much larger with a large bone spur and arthritis. Are there doctors out there that specialize in kneecaps?

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Hello @jazzi,

I had my knee replaced in 2006, which is a long time ago in terms of surgery and medical advancement. At that time, it was my understanding, as a patient and not a medical provider, that the knee cap being replaced was determined by the damage to it in addition to the knee itself. If you look at the medical illustration on this page,, you'll notice that the original knee cap is kept when possible with an artificial piece behind it to attach to the new knee. @jazzi, what issues are you facing with your knee cap? Range-of-motion, pain, swelling? Have you met with your surgeon to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing?


I just had my TKR two months ago and the doctor explained that they keep the knee cap, but level off the underside and put a small plate there. Often there is damage under the kneecap when you have arthritis, I don't know if they ever have to completely replace it.

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