Knee cap pain after knee replacement surgery 7 week post op

Posted by angelacol @angelacol, Dec 6, 2021

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with the top portion of the knee cap having shooting pain after knee replacement surgery? I’m seven weeks since my surgery and trying to do rehab but the pain in my knee is very bothersome and feels like my knee cap is going to crack In half.
I saw my surgeon today who came into my room spoke to me for about five seconds and ran back out before I even could ask him any questions Which I have many unanswered, not happy about that and looking into finding another doctor that knows about my process that will actually answer my questions.

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Your early on in your replacement. Did your surgeon do X-rays before he saw you? If hardware is okay, and you have a good physical therapist they can help. I use my therapist always for help and been so fortunate. Both surgeon and therapist did my reverse total shoulder and my TKR. I had nagging pain for 3 months with TKR but am great now. It takes a lot of work on our parts to follow a regimen given by our therapists. Give yourself time to heal. Your therapist should be able to help if all your hardware is good. Keep the faith, it does get better. After 8 weeks post op I started deep water aerobics it is great. Had TKR IN May and am working on endurance now


Sorry to hear but I think I know your pain. After my TKR I was in such pain mostly just below my knee but for some reason every couple of days the pain straight across my knee cap would bring me to tears and I would find myself crawling across the floor to get to another room. Now this would last for a couple of days then go back to total pain below the knee. So in an attempt to get rid of all this I was told to cut the saphenous nerve which I did , well the terrible pain below my knee remains but I never had pain in the knee cap again. Of course not sure if it's the same but it's worth asking a doctor about 1st a nerve block shot into the saphenous nerve, to me that's were to start cutting a nerve should be the final thing to try. BEST OF LUCK AND TRY TO KEEP MOVING HOW EVER YOU CAN

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