Keto Diet for pain and getting off meds. I'm amazed

Posted by bigjeff @bigjeff, Jun 13, 2019

Just throwing this out there. I had severe pain and numbness in my legs and feet. Could hardly walk. Dr had me on Lyrica metformin and other meds. He said it was naurapathy. Started the Keto diet 60-70 percent of pain gone in 2 weeks. I’m amazed. Anyone else try this?

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Are you still of the medication?


I looked into Keto diets – it looks like the low-carb diet with a new name. I don't see anything medicinal in it but anything is worth a try in our condition. Peggy


@pfbacon Goodmorning since I have chronic pain and neuropathy in all limbs I looked into this diet just looked like a low carb diet with am interested in the Mito product I read about anyone have the Mitochondria pd. they use ?

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