kegel exercises

Posted by john57 @john57, Sep 15, 2020

good evening one and all i suppose i should know this but here goes nothing i finished my kegel exercises in march or april at this time the leakage was very little since then i stopped all together and the leakage has increase. so my question is should i start the exercises again?

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Probably should start again. Time will be your friend as well. I have found the best results (because I stopped my kegel exercises) came from starting and stopping, starting and stopping while you're peeing, multiple times until you're done peeing.


Ironically I just asked this same question to my Doc A few weeks ago during my 3 month follow ups (Now 9 months post surgery). His response was “Basically they are exercises”. Continuing them will only help. I have just kept doing them 2x a day as maintenance (AM/PM) .


Thanks for the replies gentleman

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