Just to let every one know, I have a court hearing on

Posted by willowsunrise @willowsunrise, May 31, 2012

Just to let every one know, I have a court hearing on June 4th for the situation with my daughter. My attorney says that I need to be prepared to bring my little girl home. My strength has held out through all of this and I hope that my turmoil, and struggle has helped someone on this site. I guess the reason why they call me “Standing Willow” is because of my strength and my ability to overcome. I hope the rest of you out there can learn to do the same. There is hope! Love, Willow

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Dear Willow,
I’m so proud of you for being strong and fighting for what’s right. You should be proud of yourself for not waivering to your recent challenges. It’s also great to hear from you.


hi willow so proud of you. Your constant positivity has kept you so strong over so many challenges.Talk soon Hugs Piglit


Good for you! Very proud of you

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