Posted by Lisa @techi, Aug 6, 2019

I just got a Praise report. After all the hoopla l have been going through for the past year with my meds, doctors and stress. I am starting to see a change in some of the practices my state is doing. And l know l can personally can't change things but l know who can change all things. And that is Christ. And l have had doctors, people, family and even friends make my journey very difficult. But l Thank God he was there because he spared my LIFE. He said he would never leave me nor forsake me and he sure didn't. And l been seeing so many meticulous miracles. A friend who got a liver in 4days, off of lactulose the worst in life, and rifaximin. My adopted daughter who had a rare blood disorder get on a med that is helping her. I had emergency heart surgery instead of seizures. My memory back after 19yrs and being around people you love. And even after a year of one of the hospital not having a PET machine now has one. And my sister being able to have her test done. And seeing others who have physical disabilities walking. And buy the way not falling for over 2 months. Not even using my lifeline and driving again. It's truly a blessing. And getting off a lot of meds that was interacting and causing me alot of problems. And l am thankful most of all for my second opinion at the Mayo Clinic because it educated me and l was able to help others. And now my own state is advertising the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. Yes sometimes we are placed on drugs and they are good and sometimes there not but the best advice is we have to listen to one another but only one person can solve all our problems and that's Jesus Christ. I guarantee you no matter what he's the one. When we put our trust in him then all the other things seem less worrisome. And l was on may 20 meds now down to 3 and 2prn. And 2 is for liver disease. But l having the time of my life when l am at rest. And l must get my sleep, eat, and enjoy the beauties of the day. And Pray for others because you never know what happened in the beginning of there lives but you Pray that as they move towards whatever course they go they find someone to tell it's alright Jesus got your back. And help them know the Lord in anyway you can. It might be just a laugh, handshake, cup of tea, or just a talk. We must always see the good even when we feel our worst. GOD Bless!!!

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@techi Wow, you sound so happy! Such good changes! Just keep moving ahead, one day at a time. You’ve really made my day!


Hello Lisa @techi, Haven't seen you for awhile on Connect and just wanted to check to see how you are doing. Hoping you are doing well.


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