Joint pain

Posted by susie46113 @susie46113, Feb 8, 2019

Has anyone had a burning sensation in their knees that increases with activity and sometimes my knees ache after I relax after a day of work. Don’t really bother me when I’m walking .i have had the same burning sensation in my shoulders that I’ve had a long time with repetitive activities.

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Hello @susie46113. Mayo Clinic Connect has quite a few members talking about joint pain, but around specific diagnoses. I could help find some of those discussions, but it may help to know a bit more about your joint pain if you are comfortable sharing. I have a lot of experience with joint pain as well. Mine comes from osteoarthritis. I am not a medical professional, but some of your experiences remind me of mine as well. Typically, for me, my joints don't necessarily hurt when i am active because the blood flows to that area and the joint is "warmed up." It is the next day when the join pain and burning sensations occurr because they are inflamed from activity.

@susie46113, have you had an injuries to the joints that are bothering you? Have you had any appointments regarding this pain?

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