Joint, Muscle Pain After Inactivity Possible PMR

Posted by SusanEllen66 @SusanEllen66, Jan 8 11:08pm

I’m being treated with hydroxychloroquine for the pain in my hips, elbows, neck etc. that occurs when I wake up. The pain gets a little better as the day goes on.
I’ve also been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia so my head, face, scalp, and teeth hurt.

With all of this I was sure my inflammation markers would be high, but they aren’t. To me this all feels like PMR and Giant Cell Arteritis. My rheumatologist is treating my pain as best she can, and I know prednisone is the answer for PMR/GCA.

I’m going for physical therapy. They are trying to figure out why my back and hips hurt. So far they haven’t been helpful.

Everyday is an adventure! Thanks for listening

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I'm being worked up now for PMR. I don't want to take Prednisone. Who prescribed hydroxychloroquine? According to Mayo Clinic your sed-rate and C-Reactive Protein don't have to be out of range to still have PMR. I have to remind my rheumatologist of that. I also have occipital neuralgia. Thanks for writing.


Several musculoskeletal diagnoses over the years with different medications. Was now diagnosed with cirrhosis so came off celebrex. Liver healthier, but chronic inflammation in bones, muscles. Will be starting hydroxychloroquine after get the overall green light from hepatologist. Anyone just on this med? What can I expect?

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