Jansen clinical trial ADT & Erleada and surgery

Posted by hbp @hbp, Dec 2, 2022

I am 75 years old and a year ago my biopsy indicated that I had NM advanced aggressive Gleason score 9 prostate cancer and my medical team at UCLA recommended a Jansen clinical trial which
Included 6 months of Lupron plus Erleada ( a experimental drug that I think that I got and not the procebo drug )then surgery then 6 more months of lupron and Erleada. That has now been completed and it has worked good so far as my testosterone is 0 and my PSA is now 0. I wonder if anyone here is also in this clinical trial or have been treated with lupron and Erleada in conjunction with surgery. If so what have you experienced?

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I am 75 years old and have a 9 Gleason score. The cancer had spread to the seminal vesicles but no distant spreading. My UCLA doctor got me into a Jansen clinical trial that included Lupron for 6 months and Erleada then surgery then Lupron and Erleada for another 6 months then monitor psa every 3 months. I have gone through the clinical trial including surgery and the lupron and Erleada routine will end in a week. My testosterone is now. 12 and my psa is now 0. My surgeon initially gave me 4-5 years, now he says maybe I have been cured. The UCLA doctor who is in charge of the clinical trial said that I had 5-7 years ( no mention of a cure). The lupron and Erleada treatment have not been terrible but I have much less energy, sleep poorly, loss of muscle and ED and no desire. I am frequently tested ( blood, bone and chest scan etc) and there has been no detected spread. I doubt that I have been cured and I doubt that there is a cure for this aggressive of a cancer, but the lupron and Erleada treatment has manageable side effects. My UCLA doctors have advised me that if the cancer returns that other treatments will be offered including returning to lupron and Erleada, then perhaps radiation, then perhaps chemo. From what I have read the ADT treatment is standard, the Erleada treatment delays the spreading of the cancer for a couple of years ( but it is very expensive and not covered by many insurance plans) . I am not second guessing my doctors as I have a very good team at UCLA and I am hopeful for as many good years as possible.


Apalutimide Did you get seizure's?


In 2017 robotic aborted so went 2018 with 40 sets of radiation and Zolodex
In 2021 it metastases in L2 which I had radiated and back on Zolodex
Today My Bone scan and CT scan show small growths in T10, T11 and left hip socket with 1" x 1 1/2" of metastasis in L1 lumbar My L2 was radiated almost 2 years ago and put back on Zolodex injections every 3 months which will continue
In Jan medical oncologist medicating me with 3 daily pills of Enzalutamide oral chemo for life and they may use radiation on L1 and other spinal metastases Not apalutimide as it need prsenasone to do better
The say good probability of 5 years and maybe more I'm 78 Prayers so important
Ideas welcome

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