Lower back pain relief: daily water walking and calisthenics

Posted by soreback @soreback, Mar 23, 2016

I've had increasing mobility problems for abut 5 years. Plus, my lower back is often very sore and tender. I suspect [!] my weight is not helping. I have started doing daily water walking and calisthenics, plus I'm getting some Thai therapeutic massage.
Seems to be helping.
Anyone else getting some sore back relief from these kinds of things?

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Hi @soreback, and welcome to Connect. I'm Alyse, and I'm one of the community moderators here. I'm sorry to hear about your consistent back pain, but am happy you found a few treatment options that have helped to relieve some of the pain.

I found a few members who have talked about their experiences with back pain. While, they don't mention these treatments specifically, I think it would be helpful for you all to connect and share stories, tips and advice. I'm tagging @gmonroe1986 and @acarder17.

@soreback, when did you start water walking daily and calisthenics?

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