Itching on Scrotum

Posted by robertgreen93 @robertgreen93, Jan 28, 2022

I’ve had a patch of skin about the size of a quarter on my scrotum that itches like crazy for about 7 years now. I assumed it was fungal (jock itch, etc) at first, but no fungal creams or powders did anything to stop it. I eventually tried a hydrocortisone cream, and as long as I apply it, the itching goes away. That’s how I’ve made it through the last several years. Unfortunately, it always comes back in the same place within two or three weeks after I stop applying the cream. It never spreads or anything. There’s no redness, or signs of a rash. The skin seems to be thicker in that area, but that’s the only differentiating characteristic about the itchy patch. Also, it couldn’t be sexually transmitted. It first showed up when I was a teen, before I had any sexual contact. Any ideas about what this could be, and how I can get it to go away permanently?

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@robertgreen93, seven years! What have your doctors suggested this is? Have you seen a dermatologist?


If you haven't managed to fix your problem yet, try Advantan cream. I had a bunch of small. itchy, scaly lesions on my legs and Advantan stopped them dead.

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