Is this wound badly infected?

Posted by ginarainbow @ginarainbow, Sep 11, 2021

I had this wound from a trauma (not surgery) 9 days ago, and it was stapled in emergency. It is on my thigh and approx. 4in/10cm long. Is it badly infected and requiring a trip back to emergency? Or okay to wait 2 days until I can go to GP office.

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@ginarainbow Please ask your physician and send your photos to them. This takes a medical professional to answer what is best for you. I just had an infection from a wasp sting that got infected with dark red patches, and I had an allergic reaction too. I didn't wait when mine got red, and I glad I didn't wait. If it is an infection, it is easier to cure if it doesn't progress to far.


I'm no doctor but I would say it looks infected

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