Is this the right group for me?

Posted by Kathie @untreated, Sep 21, 2016

I’ve been in constant pain for 19 months. This has caused sleep deprivation. A good night is 2 hours sleep. That happens about once a week. I’ve had countless specialists, MRIs and, X-rays and no one can figure out what is wrong.

Does anyone know what group I should be in?


Hi @untreated, and welcome to Connect. This is the Chronic Pain group, so yes, this is the right place for you! I noticed you also posted in Just Want to Talk, where @hopeful33250 asked you to share a bit more about yourself. Would you mind doing so here? Like she said, having information such as how long you have had the pain, is it muscle pain or joint pain, etc. might help us connect you to the right Mayo Connect Community.


Hi,I was diagnosed with chronic polymyistis

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