Is this gout?

Posted by theoldbucwild @theoldbucwild, Jul 20, 2021

Is this gout?

First noticed: About 2 weeks ago

I’m a runner and have been doing a good amount of running on my off days outside of work. I can’t remember how I first discovered it, but the area directly below my pinky toe is sore when I touch it. It doesn’t bother me when I run, walk, or stand. I looked it up and was worried when I heard it could be a bunionette/tailor’s bunion, but i don’t see any bone protruding out and it isn’t that painful. It is sore to the touch and has a warm feeling to it and that’s about it. I want to get this taken care of in case it could become debilitating. What should I do?

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Hello @theoldbucwild, Welcome to Connect, an online community where patients share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others. When I've had gout it has been around my big toe. I've read that a bunion can be mistaken for gout. I'm guessing the best way to find out is to see a doctor. Here's some information about diagnosing gout from Mayo Clinic –

Here's another bit of information explaining the difference between gout and a bunion – "Gout. This type of arthritis, in which high levels of uric acid in the blood lead to the formation of extremely painful urate crystals in the joint, is commonly mistaken for a bunion. While gout can strike in any joint, it most commonly affects the big toe." — Is It a Bunion or Something Else? 6 Health Problems You Might Mistake for Bunions:

Are you able to talk to your doctor and setup an appointment?

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