Is this gout in knee foot and ankle or something more serious

Posted by tia1 @tia1, Mar 4 11:44am

Hello everyone, something horrible happened to me at the beginning of October 2023 and I still haven't recovered from it. I followed a keto diet and ate only meat and drank very little water because even water started to disgust me from meat.

I started vomiting like crazy and threw up everything I would eat. Then I stopped the diet and went back to normal eating.

But I noticed that my legs were so STIFF as if they were in clamps, as if I had a band around the knee and lower legs that was squeezing me harder and harder. I tried to squat but I couldn't get up from the squat. The next day I could not get up from a sitting position.

I couldn't get up from the toilet. When I went outside, my legs were so weak that I couldn't walk up a single step. I could not cross the threshold. They were stiff and stood as straight as if they were made of wood.

That feeling that my legs were not mine was from my knees. I felt like there was some liquid inside, and the feeling in my legs changed when I touch my leg as if there was something inside.
The stiffness of the upper part of the foot and knees, as well as the stiffness of the lower legs, has lasted for a full 6 months, with the fact that now I can climb the stairs, and for the first 5 months I could not even cross the threshold.

I'm in Serbia and the doctors don't want to help me, they say it will pass it by istelf. I am 32 yeras old.
Swelling around the wrist and inability to move the fingers, stiffness of the roots of the fingers and bridge foot. Impossibility of changing and going down stairs. I had an MRI and I was diagnosed with Synovitis of the foot and ankle.

My rheumatism factor is 95 but ccp is negative. What disease do you think this is besides gout?

My foot was stiff for 6 months and my knees were even worse.

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My body is sensitive to red meat. When I eat red meat all my joints ache the next day. So I stopped eating red meat. Eating fruits and vegetables high in polyphenols helps reduce the inflammation for me.
Have you had a C Reactive Protein (CRP) test done - it detects inflammation.
It sounds like you had a severe inflammatory reaction to all the meat you were eating. If your CRP is high - anti inflammatory fruits and vegetables high in Polyphenols may help reduce the inflammation and help you feel less pain.

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