Is this correct or not??

Posted by Lisa @techi, Apr 16, 2018

I was reading my diagnoses from my records from my general practice doctor. It said l have Hepatic failure without coma.When l went to hepatologist he told me l had Hepatic encephalopathy so l wanted to know what the difference? I am suppose to see him in a year so l don't know if that is good or not. I thought is was, then he told me if l have symptoms of my ammonia levels go ing up call him.. Well l really wouldn't know that becausa when it went up l was unconscious.Then he said to get it checked. I thought it fluctuates so when you get to the doctors office or hospital it could be normal. I think he said that because they took me off the lactulose. Confusing to me. Then l been having headaches and called my doctors because l can't take anything for any pain but tramadol and they can't keep refilling it at least in my state so what's a person to do??? I have to see my general practice doctor because they always want you to go to them first but hes clueless thats why l have these problems now. After always complaining to him my symptoms thank God he's retiring. You would say why are you going back? Its because l need my forms filled out to continue to drive. Sometimes l just wonder about things…

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Is there a teaching hospital in your area? If so they may have someone that specialized in cases like yours or perhaps can suggest another doctor. Don't give up in trying to find the right professional to help you. I can just imagine how frustrating this must be for you but I have found, even though it may take a lot of searching, there is someone or some organization that can be found on searching using the Internet that ould cprovide guidance for you.


What do you do when you have liver disease and a headache or fever? I would like to know if anyone has a problem with headaches.or just a fever with liver diseas. I have been headaches everyday for over a week hand l said to myself what do l do. Because l am allergic to so many meds that the doctors are afraid to to prescribe anything. So when you shouldn't take any meds with acetaminophen in it, it seems like you can't find anything for pain. I can't even take aspirin and was told l could take Bayer aspirin.Well l can't so l was given tramadol but now sin e they are classifying that as an opiod, what a person to do? And l was telling a friend when your body gets ammuned to it then what. And then your doctor can only presvribe it only a certain amount of times because it can be addictive then what. My doctor has prescribed it to me only 20 and l dont use unless l can't take the pain anymore. But since l am starting to have regural headaches l said what do l do. Now it could be the weather since we are heading into spring but l think thats something to think about. And l am not stressed. I have been enjoying my new grandson, shopping with friends, doing home improvements and also doing garden work since we are having good weather. I am even walking more even though l am slow . Well if anyone can tell me anything please let me know..


Hi @techi,

I hope you've found some relief from your headaches? I was wondering if you had a chance to go through these discussions on Connect, where many members discuss pain and what they've tried for relief; I hope you find some helpful information:

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