Is there any relationship between cervical cancer and breast cancer?

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Apr 4, 2021

Is there any relationship between cervical cancer (Positive Pap test) and breast cancer? Because I am 70+ Pap test is not suggested. My gynecologist told me there is no connection between breast cancer and cervical cancer. I have had breast cancer and take every opportunity to screen myself for cancer somewhere else in my body. She had a list of questions for me of which my answer was no and then she told me that the Pap test might not be paid for. I really don’t care about the payment part. As you can say I care about having the Pap test because I have had a previous cancer. So how many people with cervical cancer have had other forms of cancer? How many people have had cervical cancer that have also had breast cancer?

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@sandyjr, such good questions to ask. A quick internet search confirms your doctor's statement that there is no evidence that cervical and breast cancer are related. Having had breast cancer does not put you at higher risk to have cervical cancer. However, as you know, having had one cancer doesn't mean you will not get another unrelated cancer.

Pap test screening be discontinued at age 70 in women who have had at least three normal Pap tests in the past 10 years and are not at increased risk for cervical cancer. Read more in this article:
– Harvard Health: Ask the doctor: Do I need a Pap test at age 75?

Risk factors for cervical cancer do not include having had a previous cancer or breast cancer. See here:

Sandy, I think the more important factor for you is to reduce your concern about getting cancer. Perhaps this information helps to allay concerns or it may give you improved peace of mind to continue with Pap tests and pay for them. Something to discuss with your doctor for sure.

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