Is there a cfDNA blood test for AML in Remission ?

Posted by jeff200415 @jeff200415, May 4 2:43am

Is there a Cfdna blood test for AML in Remission ?
I have been in Remission for 42 months. But my Platelette Number is Dropping. Has me concerned. I am looking for Tests to Help me understand / Monitor . I read tonight about some genetic / dna a tests.I have no idea IF they can help as a Barometer to gage IF I will Relepse.

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Hi @jeff200415 Welcome to Connect. Being in remission from AML for 42 months without a bone marrow transplant is very positive. If you don’t mind sharing, what was your treatment protocol? Did you have any mutation factors?

There can be a number of causes for platelets to drop so it may not mean a sign of relapse. But really, this is something your doctors will test for if they’re concerned about any fluctuation in your numbers.
The most common tests would be to run blood cell counts and look for trends.
A bone marrow biopsy to look for cancer cells or changes in the bone marrow.
Flow cytometry to evaluate specific markers on cancer cells to look for new mutations
Molecular tests, to study genetic elements in leukemia cells

Were you thinking of having testing done outside of your clinic labs? Sometimes when we try to interpret things on our own it can lead to so much unnecessary stress. Your oncologist hematologist would be the best source for assessing your continuing followups.
Are your platelet numbers trending down over the past several blood tests or is this recent? Does your hematologist oncologist have any concerns?


Thank you for your comment.
Oncologist who treated me April 1020 - Dec 2020 has moved to other state.
He started me with VIXEOS. After couple of those. I asked is this All there is ? Because I felt like the cure was worse than the Disease. He said that is All he had planned, keep injecting me with VIXEOS until it cured me ( or killed me )
I sought out a 2nd Opinion. They suggested VIXEOS had done what it could but problems they saw suggested were caused by VIXEOS. They suggested change Chemo to DECIDIBEN. So they discussed between 2 Drs / Hospitals and they changed to Decidiben. After couple of those. The 2nd Doctor suggedted remaining issues were from the Decidiben. They suggested dicountinue Chemo and watch. Insurance insisted I get an Opinion from one of their "Centers of Excellence" so I did. COE agreed with 2nd Doctor.
By 31 Dec 2020 they All Agreed I was Clear. They suggest BMT but I could not come up with someone to live with me for 100 days at any of the places that would do the Transplant.
So I have been on watch since
It used to be more Frequent but now.
Blood Test @ 12 wks
Port Flush @ 6 wks

Wednesday this week.
New Dr at Local Hospital suggested IF my Platletes keep dropping then do BM Biopsy.
I have only 3 visits with her so I am Not All that familiar / comfortable
The Dr @ COE was Great but she has Moved. She said Hospital would contact me with New Dr. That Hospital has Not.
The 2nd Opinion Dr was Great but smaller Hospital and I have to travel through Chicago to get there.
I used to deal with it, but these last 4 years, Chicago scares the Hell out of me and 1 time Traveling through Chi. I went to File Charges at Airport Police. The Officer said he would not file theft, he said he would only report as an Lost but he would make certain that not penny of Chicago tax dollars would be spent to investigate or prosecute Grand Theft at Chicago Airport. So Chicago has no police protection for travelers. Sorry ( that's another story )
So rather than wait at least another 12 wks. I am seeking Tests to be Pro-Active rather than wait. Recently diagnose with other ( unrelated) med condition. I do not know how anything cannot be related to Blood Chemistry. So I now have further pressure for me to seek Tests / Insight / Results to put it ALL in perspective.

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