Is Penile lymphedema a side effect of localized radiation?

Posted by cromani0625 @cromani0625, Aug 13, 2019

My husband has had 5 radiation treatments in is hip/groin area along with his left lumber region. He has recently noticed (today) that the shaft of his penis is fat with what looks like fluid. He says it is not causing him pain although it is concerning. We do not know if he should he go back to the ER he just got discharged today. Has anyone experienced this? Has it subsided on it's own?

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Welcome to Connect @cromani0625,

I’m tagging @kujhawk1978 @chuckster and @predictable; while they may not share the same condition as your husband, they may be able to shed some light on the symptoms. I also thought you might want to view this Mayo Clinic information about Radiation therapy and related penile complications:

@cromani0625, are you able to share a few more details about your husband’s health? Why did he need 5 radiation sessions?


I have two separate radiation treatment, SRT which involved 39 IMRT treatments to the prostate bed, 70.2 Gya and 25 IMRT to the pelvic lymph nodes, 45 Gya. I did not experience the SEs you describe for your husband

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