Is it possible to get neuropathy in your hand from a IV port??

Posted by gr8fulone @gr8fulone, Oct 27, 2020

Months ago i had surgery and an IV port in my hand cuz they couldnt find a decent vein…
since then my ring and pinkie fingers are numb (like my feet get with neuropathy)…
Since then they are better but still numb and weird feeling..
Anyone get this? What can be done for this? Exercises? Brace?

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Hello @gr8fulone, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see that you have started several other discussion for different symptoms. I'm wondering if they all may be related. Have you discussed the symptoms with your doctor or care team? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or other conditions like neuropathy?


@gr8fulone Being that I have bad neuropathy and know a lot about it, I do imagine your numbness is from the port. I would imagine they injured a nerve in your hand. As far as what could be done, I sadly have never heard of anything successful for numbness. You might want to look up hand exercises on you tube, or go to PT, but I really have never heard of anything to help numbness. I think the exercises would be more for strengthening muscles. Lori Renee


Hello @gr8fulone,

I just noticed your post about your hand. I have something similar happen. I have small veins and have had lots of procedures where the veins in my arms have been used over and over again for IVs prior to surgical procedures. As a result, I have a lot of scar tissue in those veins and they cannot be used anymore. However, the veins in my hands are easy to use and are now the most often used for IVs. For a week or two after the hand vein has been used, I will feel a heaviness in that hand when my arm is hanging down. The feeling is relieved if I lift the hand up. It comes and goes, but it is only after an IV has been inserted in the hand.

Unlike you, however, I don't have any numbness, just this heavy feeling. It also goes away a few weeks after the procedure with the IV.

If I were you and this numbness is persistent I would talk about a referral to a neurologist for some nerve testing and then ask for a referral to an occupational therapist who might be able to help you with some exercises.

I would enjoy hearing from you again. Will you post an update as you look for answers?

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