Is it auto immune??

Posted by jeriliz @jeriliz, Oct 30, 2017

I’m Jeri. I am 75. Several years ago I started to have a lot of pain on a skin patch on my lower back. It went on for a long time and then opened in a huge crater with necrosis. Samples were sent to labs, including Mayo, with no conclusion. It was diagnosed as possible autoimmune. It healed but still hurts whenever any pressure is there like when I lie down to sleep. They ruled out Lupus.

Hello Jeri (@jeriliz), you mentioned your doctors have ruled out Lupus. Do they have any other ideas or do you have more tests upcoming? I would keep asking them questions and make sure they know you are still in pain whenever pressure is applied like when you lie down to sleep. I’m hoping they can provide a diagnosis and a treatment for you. I did a search on autoimmune necrosis and came up with a few links that may interest you:

National Institutes of Health – Necrotizing autoimmune myopathy:

Myositis Association:


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