Is 81 too old for a lumpectomy in Stage 1 Grade 2 IDC?

Posted by sunsetsrgreat @sunsetsrgreat, Jan 16 12:37pm

Surgeon told me that a lumpectomy is not recommended for a small Stage 1 Grade 2 Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma tumor due to my age 81. I started Anastrozole right away. I am otherwise healthy mentally and physically. Is this a consensus opinion?

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I had the Lumpectomy and now I will start proton radiation for 5 days in a row.


Some people have no or little side effects from these drugs. Especially since most of the worst side effects seem to be the ones related to menopause, you are surely post menopausal already. If the doctor recommends it, I would try to keep an open mind. Talk to your doctor and you might find peace of mind one way or another.
How long is your course of radiation scheduled for? Did you have a lumpectomy?

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scheduled for 5days in a row. How do these men Doctors know how you really
feel when your hair is thinning out, and you feel bad from the pill, some doctors will
say to take the pill and don't have the surgery if you have stage 2. It is your decision.


No, a sentinel node biopsy was never mentioned or offered.

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I had lumpectomy at 80. Easy..home same day. Turns out there was cancer in sentinal node so don't wait too lon, which I did. And now at 86 just had dissection as spread to 4 nodes. This surgery not so easy. My brain/ cognitive are fine!! but now face more.


Just my 2 cents but I think I would get a second opinion. A friend of mine just had a lumpectomy for stage 1 IDC and a sentinel node biopsy and she is 80. She had no issues. I was only 61 and seemed to have more issues recovering from the sentinel node biopsy than my friend.


I agree about a second opinion. Cognitive function is also a side effect of Anastrozole. I'm 15 years younger, but the AI's (Anastrozole and now Letrozole) are making me feel 15 years older. I had a lumpectomy with no issues (actually 2 lumpectomies as they did not get clear margins with the 1st). I was back to (almost) full activity in 2 days.

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