Iodized Salt

Posted by joycebcoiner @joycebcoiner, Jan 19, 2022

Does iodized deplete the body of iodine? I was told this recently which sounds absolutely false to me.

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Hi @joycebcoiner, Well golly, where did you get that little tidbit of mis-information? That is indeed false. It’s quite the opposite as iodized salt was created to help bring an easily available iodine source to people who lack it in their daily diets.

Your thyroid gland uses iodine to produce thyroid hormones, which aid in tissue repair, regulate metabolism and promote proper growth and development.
Thyroid hormones also play a direct role in the control of body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, etc.
An Iodine deficiency can impair the production of thyroid hormones, resulting in symptoms like swelling in the neck, (goiters) fatigue and weight gain.

So I’d like to tell you to go ahead and salt liberally, but that’s another medical issue.😉

In the US the deficiency isn’t much of a problem. But there are still countries where the diets are such that iodine isn’t abundant in the food consumed. Making Iodized salt a great option.
Foods such as Milk, yougart, cod, shrimp, seaweed, macaroni, eggs, canned tuna and dried prunes are excellent sources of iodine.

By the way, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I hope you take time to peruse the 70+ discussion groups here. It’s an amazing forum where members come together to help each other out. May I ask what led you to the forum today?


This info that iodized salt depleted the body of iodine which seemed to me to be totally ridiculous. Thank you for verifying what I felt was false information.

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