Intermediate Phalange Pain

Posted by je2023 @je2023, Dec 4, 2021

My friend has pain in her middle finger intermediate phalange. There is no pain in the joints, only in the intermediate phalange. She is having sharp pain when she bends or straightens her finger. Relaxed feels okay. It doesn't hurt at any other part of her finger. It is swollen but not bruised, but she also does not bruise easily. This has started randomly and going on for about 3 days. We are not sure how it happened or what is wrong.

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Welcome @je2023, I know it can be frustrating having pain in a part of your body and trying to figure out what is wrong or how it happened. It's good that your friend has someone concerned like yourself that is trying to help her find out what's wrong. Here's some information listing some possibilities:

Hand Pain and Problems:

It's really best to see a doctor or possibly a sports orthopedic specialist to find out what is causing her pain. Has she seen a doctor or setup an appointment yet?

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