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Insulin resistent diabetes

Posted by @worriedsick, Jul 5, 2011

Help my siste was diagnosed over a year ago with type one insulin resistent and her blood sugar gets as high as 600. She has tried everything along with many different insulins and nothing seems to work very long it is a constant struggle.Any suggestions or comments are welcome.



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Posted by @brittj, Jul 6, 2011

Since you haven’t received any responses here, you (and/or your sister) might consider posting at this wonderful DOC. »

Good luck!


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Posted by @joycegroenke, Jul 6, 2011

I’m sorry to hear about your sister. If you go to and search, there are numerous articles on diabetes. I hope you find them helpful.


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Posted by @krinzgal, Jul 17, 2011

My daughter had very high blood glucose readings. She was diagnosed with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. She has the antibodies for type 1 but is highly insulin resistant, is overweight and did not respond well to the usual medications for insulin resistance, like Metformin and Avandia.

We tried multiple insulin formulations and medications. She would have extreme highs and lows. Very scary and frustrating.

Last summer, she was hospitalized for a septic infection. During that time, a nurse practitioner put her on Novolog 100 units/mL in her insulin pump. Her last A1C was 6.1 and she has very good control of her blood glucose now. She loves the pump. Has your sister considered trying one?


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Posted by @polyanna, Jul 3, 2012

Walk, walk, walk and when you’re done then walk some more. Even walking just 15 minutes after each and every meal can really help reverse insulin resistance. Also try going off any other medications you are on, just to check to see if they are making the problem worse. Work with your doctor to do this, phasing out your medications one at a time. I did this and found that a pantaprozele a PPI was causing me to be extremely insulin resistant.

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