Instability after hip replacement

Posted by naturebuff @naturebuff, Dec 12, 2019

After total hip replacement, feels like bone wobbles in socket when climb stairs. I must hold onto a railing to create stability. Gait is fine and can stand on one foot for 60 seconds. Issue occurs when all weight is placed on the one hip when climbing stairs. Any input would be appreciated.

Hello @naturebuff, welcome to Connect. I'd like to invite @babarker, @owieann, @popolopo, @binblessed, and @mamie to share their experience with hip replacement, some of the complications they had and whether or not they experienced periods of instability after their surgeries.

@naturebuff, If you don't mind sharing, how long ago was your replacement? Are you still in the rehab phase or are you quite a ways out from your surgery already?

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