Posted by pretoria @pretoria, Jul 19, 2021

Been on remeron 15mg for almost 2 weeks did not help my sleep, was decreased to 7.5mg for last 9 day's still not having a good nights sleep.Medical doctor's won't prescribe a sleeping tablet due to possible side effects.I don't get any deep sleep, restless and superficial sleep.Any suggestion's would be welcomed.My insomnia is making me anxious in the day, causing a depressed feeling.

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@pretoria Hello and welcome to Connect. Have your doctors discussed other ways to relax and daily habits that can affect your sleep?

I don't know if this applies to you, but if you are a woman near menopause, changing hormone levels affect sleep. I use bio-identical hormone replacement for that and I know if I skip it, I don't sleep well. Sometimes hot flashes can keep you awake. Progesterone (part of hormone replacement) does cause drowsiness and I sleep well when I take it at bedtime, that is until my cats start a game of tag in the middle of the night. Then they spend the daylight hours napping.

Blue light from computer screens and phones also tells our body to wake up, and I try to avoid looking at any strong light 2 hours before bedtime. When I get up at night, I don't turn on lights because that would tell my body to wake up. The night lights and light from the window at night is enough for me to navigate, but I do also use my arms along a wall or counter to make sure I keep my balance. How about trying sunglasses or blue blocking glasses when you look at a phone or computer screen at night and turn down the brightness?

How about caffeine? That affects sleep.

Have you tried reading a boring book while lying in bed? That would put me to sleep right away.

Do you exercise or talk a walk during the day? Exercise helps and if you get outside and enjoy some nature with birds singing and sunshine that will help you feel better. That will lift your spirits and reduce stress.

Do you have any creative hobbies to do during the day?

Melatonin is also a natural supplement that induces sleep that is sold over the counter. Your body produces melatonin, but the things that interfere with its production are stimulus from light too late in the day. I can't advise you on what is best, but have you asked your doctors about using melatonin instead of a prescription?

Did your doctor discuss any of these methods? Do you think these ideas would be something worth discussing with your doctor?


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for all the information, I doubt if any doctor discussed alternatives with my husband, he told them remeron worked several years ago for him and they just assumed it would work again.We read up about the alternatives.His big problem is anxiety and guilt regarding things that happened and that he cannot control, those keep him awake.I almost think he boycotts anything that might help with his toxic thoughts.

Thanks again.

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