Indentation in upper/outer buttocks - IT band related?

Posted by sdelaney @sdelaney, Apr 20 6:56pm

I ran a 10k last Saturday. Not something I would ever normally do. I wore new shoes, but I realize now, they probably weren't the best for running a race like that (more cross training). My left heel has started hurting (I believe plantar faciiatis), but most recently, out of the blue, I have developed a painful indentation on my left side upper/outer buttock area. The exact location is where the red dot is. I am wondering if it is IT band related. I can barely stretch it as it's quite painful. I have an appointment in two weeks (can't get in any sooner) with my doctor. Any ideas?

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@sdelaney, I'm glad that you are consulting a doctor. It is impossible for anyone to diagnose online and members of Mayo Clinic Connect don't diagnose.

As a fellow runner, I can tell you that running a 10k in new shoes without training isn't a good idea. But you know that now, right? 🙂

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Stretching the IT band is painful. Before causing further injury, you may wish to see a physiotherapist as well.


My IT bands are tight. My doctor noticed it. I use a foam roller and it goes away.


Hi, I have the exact same thing , can you tell me what was the diagnosis?

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