IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy)

Posted by bodeygolfer @bodeygolfer, Oct 13, 2020

I haven’t read much about IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy). In 1-2020, I was diagnosed with pc. Gleason score 7 (3+4) and psa of 8.7. Had 20 treatments ending 4-3. Had 4 months ADT (Zoladex). My recent 6 month psa was <0.10. Another test is scheduled in December. Anyone else have success with IMRT?

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@bodeygolfer, good to start a new discussion focused on IMRT. I'm tagging @kujhawk1978 @bruto1 and @remoteman7 on this discussion as I believe they all chose to have IMRT and can share their experiences with it.

@bodeygolfer, why did you choose IMRT? Did you have other options to choose from? What was the experience like with IMRT?


No other options were offered. This has worked out great so far. Major side effect was fatigue, which has improved greatly over time. Some hot flashes, and frequent urination. Both have subsided over time. Zoladex also caused side effects which have also subsided. Thankful for the medical professionals (from Mayo) who have and continue to provide care.


I had SRT in March 2014 when I had BCR after surgery in March 2014.

SRT did not work for me, but here's why.

My medical team, radiologist and urologist only wanted to give SRT to the prostate bed, the standard of care.

I asked about including PLNs and adding short term ADT, say six months. I did this because studies were emerging that more often than not, BCR extended to the PLNs (Mayo actually had the data) and adding short term ADT was having greater PFS.

My medical team said no, there wasn't long term data to support that…sadly, I said ok.

90 days after completing 40 IMRT to the prostate bed only, my PSA had climbed from .3 to .7, then 30 days later 1.0. It kept climbing.

Sure enough, in January 2017 a C11 Choline scan showed four PLNs involved though no bone or organ.

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