Immunoglobulin G Subclass 4 Test results after first upper endoscopy

Posted by itsonlyana13 @itsonlyana13, Nov 6 2:09pm

Hey I am so happy to have found this group!
Chronic pancreatitis here. Idiopathic. Started in 2015, gallbladder removed the same year and a second acute episode. And here we are today, still get flare ups.

I’m asking specifically about this test .. the IgG4. From what I know it can detect auto immune disorders. So, I cannot find a table to reference to as far as normal levels are.

My levels were 46.3mg/DL
Anyone else have this test done, if so how were the results?

After the endoscopy, the Dr immediately scheduled me for an MRI. He told me the found no cancer after the procedure, only took a biopsy of erythema of my lining.
I show a lot of inflammation, and at this point no known reason.
All signs on Google so far are telling me this indicates metastatic pancreatic cancer (multiple organs have caught it so to speak). This is what I’m reading on what little they do have online about the test.
Please can anyone help? These results came Saturday night, here we are Monday afternoon, and can’t get a doctor on the line!

I hope I can offer insight here soon on things I do know about! Thanks for any and all help!

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