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I'm wondering why my 16 year old daughter has a weight problem,

Posted by @kitty in Just Want to Talk, Aug 19, 2011

I'm wondering why my 16 year old daughter has a weight problem, but does not really overeat. We don't have junk food in our home and we rarely go out to eat it. She isn't involved in any sports, but has been in the did not make any difference. Also her bones pop...shoulder, hip, all of them etc. She is 5'7 and not small boned. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated


Posted by @kennethn1971, Nov 21, 2016

You don't have to overeat to gain weight. Read labels and limit calorie intake. She also needs to get physically active to burn calories. Find what she likes to do? Jump on a trampoline? Swim? Play Volleyball, Basketball, Football? Ride a bike? Also is she on meds because some meds can cause weight gain.


Posted by @hopeful33250, Nov 21, 2016

@kitty Have you talked to her doctor about it yet? I would especially want to mention to her physician about the bones popping. Is your daughter concerned about her weight? Is it a problem for her? I wish you well as you try to help your daughter with this situation.


Posted by @IndianaScott, Nov 21, 2016

Hello, @kitty. Nice to e-meet you here. Such a delicate situation you have on your hands. Weight issues in our children can be a tough topic to deal for anyone. I am not a medical professional of any kind, but would first highly suggest this would be a matter best discussed with your daughter's physician and/or a dietician. You do not mention what the extent of the 'weight problem' is, which makes framing the discussion more challenging. Body image is such a tough matter, especially for young folks. Misdirected comments about my wife's body when she was in high school drove her to become anorexic and years of challenges as she tried to overcome that.

Additionally, parental concern and verbiage can so often be misconstrued by teens. At least this was true on any number of occasions with our children as they grew up and, while in the 30s now, is still often the case 🙂

As I said I am no medical person, but from experience I would suggest seeking medical opinions/advice on this, get their support, and tread carefully.

I wish you strength and courage.


Posted by @hopeful33250, Nov 22, 2016

Hello @kitty, @IndianaScott makes some very good points regarding young people and body image.

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