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Posted by carollat @carollat, May 20 11:39am

My name is Carol. I reside in Charleston SC. May 6 to 11 2024 I went on a cruise. Monday May 14 I felt awful and was diagnosed with COVID. I was prescribed Paxlovid and prednisone. Three days ago being May 17 2024 I woke in an extreme pool of sweat. Since I've felt as though I've been picked up by my throat and forcefully thrown into a wall. ANYONE ELSE?

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carollat, God Bless You! I did the same thing with COVID back in 2022. I had a delay with the worse symptoms coming later. It took me a while to get over the pneumonia, asthmatic bronchitis and sinusitis. I was in bed off and on for 3 weeks with it. Sounds like you contracted the new strain of it.

Keep a watch on your 02 levels, heartrate, high fever, etc., Go to Urgent Care if you start having shortness of breath or hurting in your lungs....that's a sign of pneumonia. Levaquin antibiotic and steroid taper worked the best for me with the upper respiratory infections that I had. I drank Gatorade to stay hydrated (even though I was not thirsty), ate popsicles & crushed ice to get fluids in. Pedialite is also good to replace electrolytes. I took vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc. Please consult your doctor first before taking the vitamins.

I'm so sorry you have contracted this awful virus.

Everyone's case is so different. The 2nd time around with me COVID was not as severe....but awful fatigue, sinus infection & asthmatic bronchitis again....no pneumonia that time, Praise the Lord.

Please keep us posted on your progress. Rest....Fluids.....broths.. chicken soup.....Have someone to help you get to the bathroom if you are weak....with COVID you can be a fall risk because you are so weak. The sweats are also part of COVID.

Hugs & Prayers....


My covid was late last year and though I felt terrible, it was a relatively mild case. But post covid syndrome symptoms came soon after. My parents got covid in Feb and they really suffered, but didn’t need oxygen. Dad tested positive too late to get meds. They are in their 80s, but pushed through it.

I hope you’re feeling better soon.


How are you now 5 days later after taking Paxlovid? It needs to be started within the first 5 days of testing positive. I took Paxlovid the very first day I tested positive. I was lucky the day before I was negative but felt bad. I was only sick one day but I'd had 5 Pfizer vaccines prior. Had you been vaccinated ? If so how many ? I'm ONLY asking to help us ALL understand WHAT is WORKING & HELPING. Hope you are better SOON.


@carollat, I second @drsletmedown question. How are you feeling after taking Paxlovid.

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That does sound consistent with COVID… But I felt a lot better after taking Paxlovid.

I’m curious though—why were you prescribed prednisone? That would usually initially pick up your energy but if you stop it too quickly, your energy could crash, and it has a lot of side effects (I know this because I’m a caregiver for my father who has a chronic condition that requires long-term prednisone, mostly because it takes so long to taper it after taking it more than a few weeks).

I hope you feel better soon and that the medications help.


This last Covid variant was a little tough: slight GI, headaches, night sweats, hot flahes, chills, no fever for me, same okd ear ringing, fatigue, soar throat, major sinus and lung congestion, blurry eyes..... Watch the day 14 plus for long Covid.

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