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Betty Carr

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I'm having pain in my upper right should, neck and arm. It [...]

Posted by @bettycarr, Dec 22, 2014

I’m having pain in my upper right should, neck and arm. It hurts more at night when I’m trying to sleep and when the weather is wet. Is there anything I can use to ease the pain?



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Posted by @iggeez1416, Jan 9, 2015

My sweet mother in law many years ago showed me how to make a rice bag to go to sleep with to help with arm and neck pain at night. You can use a pillow case and cut it up or a tightly woven sock. I sew and like to use cotton material. I have several rice bags now in all different shapes and sizes to use on different parts of my body. Be sure and close up whatever cloth you decide to use except for a small hole. I use a silicone funnel and I pour jasmine rice (you can use regular rice but I love the smell of jasmine rice). Don’t fill it to full so you can manipulate the bag around the area you want to warm up. If you use a sock just tie it tightly on the end once you have poured the rice in it. Place the bag in the microwave for about a minute. Don’t heat it too long or you could burn your skin. A minute is usually just right. The nice thing about being able to take it to bed is there is no electricity needed. It just cools off as you fall asleep. I use mine so often that I bought a small inexpensive microwave for my bedroom just for my rice bag. I hope this helps you. It is also great for stomach cramps, abdominal pain, etc.


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Posted by @1laurel, Mar 4, 2015

I use Myoflex cream which is an aspirin cream you can get at Walgreens and other places. It was recommended to me by my Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor. I like it because it is not greasy and has no odor.

Betty Carr

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Posted by @bettycarr, Mar 5, 2015

Thank you so much Gloria!

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