Im breathing but it feels like I’m not

Posted by hcgardner1 @hcgardner1, Sep 10 4:14pm

Recently i’ll have moments (daily) when i’m breathing and suddenly feel like I’m not breathing so my body jumps and I panic. I’ve been focused on my breathing 24/7 because i’m currently having shortness of breathe. I tested myself to manually breathe and see if I get the feeling that I’m not breathing and I did. I do feel like theres something in my throat which I will be getting checked out next month. If this pertains to any of which I am suffering from please let me know: acid reflux, anemia, anxiety or if it pertains to any of the following symptoms Im having: shortness of breathe, congestion (Could if be blocking my sensors in my nose), chest pain/heaviness? Could it be an throat ulcer causing this?

PS Doctors said no signs of any problems after blood tests and xrays.

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